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Selecting an architectural designer is an act of trust and credibility. Trust, is to have the expectation to achieve work that adequately satisfies the needs of a particular client and in general the certainty that they are provided with an excellent project.

In AIA, we have a specialized division in architectural design, integrated and directed by architects with renowned national and international experience, committed to our clients to whom we try to offer the most adequate functional conditions for their work, with a new and innovative view of design, with consistent quality in time, with constant accompaniment in the development process of their projects, based on the application of the best practices and technologies available on the market.

Great part of the trust and credibility in AIA, is generated by the trajectory of the working group, the processes and the previous experiences of these designers. Another part is established by their integrity, understanding, flexibility and predisposition to understanding the client´s needs.

Finally, trust is also generated by the conviction of working with full understanding and respect of the social and environmental responsibilities of the trade, in which our client`s architectural work will be located.

As a result, we have achieved the recognition of being one of the most accredited architectural design companies on the market, which guarantees an adequate cost-benefit ratio for the future investments of our clients.


  • Plot analysis and selection and building location
  • Codes and Norms Analysis
  • Layout Design and preliminary architectural project for evaluating the conditions of fitting a program in a specific lot
  • Architectural Design
  • Coordination and Advisement of Partial Plans
  • Master Plans
  • Interior Design
  • Remodeling and architectural upgrade of existing installations
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